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Core Library - Portable XRF analyzer with sample test stand

Yukon Geological Survey radiation safety officer is Lara Lewis (; 667-8518). Please contact Lara for scheduling use of the portable xrf analyzer

  • This instrument is for in-house use only and will not be loaned out.
  • All users must receive an orientation and sign a user agreement.
  • Non-certified users MUST use the accompanying test stand for sample analysis. Certified users may use the instrument without the test stand upon verification of their certification.
  • The Yukon Geological Survey accepts no responsibility for the results of this instrument. Users must interpret results bearing in mind the qualitative nature of the data.

The XRF analyzer is calibrated for two main modes: mining and soils. The soils mode has a lower level of detection. Due to spectra overlaps, some elements are loaded in one mode and not the other. (See chart below)

A special mode (two beam mining mode) is used for analyzing very light elements (Mg, Si, Al, and P). It requires using the Vacuum attachment to create a vacuum in the instrument. Ask for an orientation on using the vacuum attachment if you are unfamiliar with how it works.

Modes and Elements Analyzed using XRF analyzer