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About YGS

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The mandate of Yukon Geological Survey (YGS) is to provide the geoscience information required for resource and land management for the benefit of Yukoners. YGS acquires and disseminates geological and geohazard knowledge to support exploration, inform resource and land management planning, and engage communities, schools and the public.

The Yukon Geological Survey offers the following services:

  • Generates and compiles scientific and technical information about Yukon’s geology, mineral deposits and hydrocarbons
  • Provides geoscience maps and publications to the public in partnership with the Whitehorse Mining Recorder's office through the Geoscience Information and Sales outlet and on this website
  • Provides mineral potential assessments for protected areas and land use planning
  • Funds and administers the Yukon Mineral Exploration Program (YMEP)

The Yukon Geological Survey consists of four groups with different, complementary areas of responsibility:

  • Technical Services manages and distributes YGS data and information
  • Bedrock Geology is responsible for bedrock mapping and basin studies
  • Surficial Geology group studies surficial materials (including placer deposits) and monitors permafrost
  • Mineral Services tracks exploration activity and retains expertise on Yukon's mineral deposits