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Tay River

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Project Lead: Rosie Cobbett

The Tay River project covers an area north and northwest of Faro.  New 1:50,000 scale mapping of this area will update existing 1960’s through 1980’s vintage mapping by the Geological Survey of Canada and Cyprus Anvil Mining Corporation. The area is underlain by Early Paleozoic Selwyn basin, thrust northward over the Devono-Mississippian Earn Group and Carboniferous to Triassic formations. These are intruded by the mid-Cretaceous Anvil batholith. Mapping completed in the summer of 2013 surrounds the Keg, a disseminated silver-base metal deposit of current interest; new bedrock information will increase the efficiency of exploration of silver bearing veins noted along stratigraphic and structural contacts regionally.  Work over the next couple of years will aim to provide more detailed revision of regional maps, with further paleontology, geochronology, and structural analysis.

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105K/11 and 12), central Yukon. In: Yukon Exploration and Geology 2013, K.E. MacFarlane,
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