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Community Mapping

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Project leaders: Kristen Kennedy and Panya Lipovsky

Portion of surficial geology map (top) and accompanying hazard map (bottom) produced for the Dawson region.

Community-scale surficial geology mapping provides geological base data at a practical scale for maintenance and development of infrastructure in Yukon communities. Yukon Geological Survey has been completing local-scale surficial geology mapping since 2010 as part of a community hazards mapping program coordinated by the Northern Climate ExChange (Yukon Research Centre, Yukon College). This program incorporates surficial geology, detailed permafrost investigations, analyses of past hydrological and climatological trends, and climate projections to assess potential landscape hazards under changing future conditions. Community-scale surficial geology maps and accompanying landscape hazard maps and reports have been completed for Mayo, Pelly Crossing, Burwash Landing and Destruction Bay, Dawson, Faro, Ross River and Old Crow. Haines Junction and Greater Whitehorse are currently targeted for hazard mapping by YGS in 2017 and 2018.


Old Crow


Ross River


Burwash Landing and Destruction Bay


Pelly Crossing


Surficial Geology GIS Data:

GIS data from the open file maps listed above are available for download in ESRI geodatabase, shapefile and Google Earth formats via the links below.

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