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Energy Geology

The Energy group conducts research in Yukon’s sedimentary basins, focusing on the potential of these basins to host oil and/or natural gas.

Research activities focus on:

  • understanding the stratigraphy and sedimentology of rock units
  • basin evolution
  • reservoir characterization and conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon potential
  • fieldwork examining surface outcrops and hydrocarbon seeps
  • subsurface examination of well data
  • permitting the sampling of Yukon well materials.

The Yukon Geological Survey and Oil & Gas branch are working together to provide the public with technical information about hydrocarbon resources in the territory. The Yukon Geological Survey conducts geological research in Yukon’s sedimentary basins, and permits well material sampling. Oil and Gas Resources is responsible for the management and regulation of Yukon’s oil and gas resources and to regulate oil and gas activity in the territory. More information about Oil and Gas Resources.

The Liard Basin unconventional resource assessment was released by the National Energy Board on March 16, 2016.