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Unconventional Hydrocarbon Study

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Unconventional gas plays including shale gas, tight gas, and coalbed methane are becoming increasingly important in the North American gas supply market. Little is known about the unconventional gas potential of the Yukon, as there has been a limited amount of petroleum industry activity, in both conventional and unconventional realms. In 2011, the Yukon Geological Survey awarded a contract to Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd., of Calgary, to undertake a scoping study of unconventional hydrocarbon resources in Yukon. The study examined the characteristics of unconventional hydrocarbon resources, and based on existing Yukon data (field descriptions, well history reports, geological and geophysical reports, journal papers, sample analyses, geophysical well log data, core descriptions, etc.) to evaluate whether these characteristics are found within Yukon’s sedimentary basins.

Hayes, BJR and Archibald, HB, 2012. Scoping study of unconventional oil and gas potential, Yukon. Yukon Geological Survey, Miscellaneous Report 7, 100 p

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