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The Mineral Services Unit monitors and compiles records of exploration activity in Yukon, as well as reviews mineral assessment reports and provides information and advice to clients.

Yukon Advanced Exploration Activity Map, 2014 [1.8 MB ]

The following links are useful for individuals, companies and organizations engaging in mineral exploration in Yukon:



Mineral Occurrences

Online database of Yukon mineral occurrences

Laws and Regulations

Mining Acts

Quartz and placer mining acts

Hard Rock (Quartz) Mining - regulatory information

Guidelines; environmental assessment, permitting

Placer Gold Mining - regulatory  information

Guidelines, environmental assessment, permitting

Coal – regulatory information

Legislation, environmental assessment, permitting


Mineral Claims Information – hard rock and placer

Claim Staking Guidelines

Quartz & placer claim staking guides

Grant applications & forms for quartz and placer claims

Quartz & placer grant applications

Current claim maps

Claim maps of active quartz and placer claims

Interactive Mining Claim Map

Interactive online quartz & placer claim map

Mining claims database

Searchable online claim data

Mineral exploration reports and records

Mineral Assessment Reports

Mineral property assessment reports

Yukon Mining Incentive Reports

Final reports for YMIP properties

Anvil Range Exploration Records

Archived field notebooks, sample location maps, assay results, etc.