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Finlayson Lake

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Yukon-Tanana terrane, Finlayson Lake, Frances Lake and Watson Lake map areas

The discovery of rich massive sulphide deposits with high precious metal values in 1994-97 focused attention on Devono-Mississippian felsic volcanic rocks of eastern Yukon-Tanana terrane. At the time of the discoveries, the stratigraphy, structure and nature of relationships with adjacent terranes of this structurally complex and variably metamorphosed assemblage of rocks were not known at a scale suitable for focused mineral exploration. To address these deficiencies and aid in ongoing mineral exploration, Yukon Geological Survey initiated a program of 1:50 000-scale geological mapping; conducted an airborne multiparameter geophysical survey which was jointly funded with the Geological Survey of Canada; and implemented a systematic lithogeochemistry study of the metavolcanic rock units in the terrane which was partnered with companies involved in local exploration, the Mineral Deposits Research Unit at the University of British Columbia and the Geological Survey of Canada.

The final maps and reports from this project are currently being prepared. Several papers, maps and reports have already been produced, much of which is summarized in papers in ‘Paleozoic Evolution and Metallogeny of Pericratonic Terranes at the Ancient Pacific Margin of North America, Canadian and Alaskan Cordillera , Geological Association of Canada Special Paper 45, edited by Maurice Colpron of the Yukon Geological Survey and JoAnne Nelson of the BC Geological Survey.

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