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GEM-I Yukon Basins Project

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Exposure of the Road River Group, Peel River (NTS map sheet 106E). Due to lack of exposure in Eagle Plain, this outcrop from Richardson Mountains is sued to demonstrate the nature of the Road River Group. Examining outcrop on the flanks of the Richardson Mountains has been an integral part of the project for understanding the geology of the region.

YGS partnered with the Geological Survey of Canada on the 2008-2013 federally-funded Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals project, also known as GEM-I.
YGS’ role in the  GEM-Energy: Yukon Basins Project, was to concentrate on understanding the petroleum potential of Upper Paleozoic strata in Eagle Plain and Peel Plateau regions, particularly Upper Devonian to Carboniferous silciclastic strata including the Canol, Imperial, Tuttle and Ford Lake Shale formations. Key YGS contributions from this study include:

- Fraser, T.A., 2010. Conventional reservoir petrophysical property assessment for 17 wells, Peel Plateau and Plain, Yukon Territory (65º 00’ to 67º 00’ N; 132º 00’ to 136º 00’ W). Yukon Geological Survey Open File 2010-35.

- Allen, T.L., and Osadetz, K.G. Natural thermogenic gas seeps at the front of the Richardson Mountains: Indications for a petroleum system in Peel Plateau, Yukon, Canada. Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology, December 2013, v. 61, p. 283-294.