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Geophysics Projects

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While Yukon Geological Survey has limited capacity to undertake geophysical surveys, it recognizes the value of geophysical data for enhancing geologic interpretations in the subsurface.
Managing and distributing geophysical data is a relatively new undertaking for the survey.  Data that are available from YGS include:

- Regional aeromagnetic maps and data (co-released with the Geological Survey of Canada)

- Regional gravity data

- Targeted IP studies

- Targeted GPR studies

- Various mineral exploration surveys captured in Assessment Reports

Evaluating IP as an exploration tool for near-surface mineral deposits

Groundtruth Exploration Inc is undertaking shallow, high resolution DC resistivity and IP surveys over nine occurrences representing different styles of gold and silver mineralization, to assess the technique’s effectiveness for accurately modeling shallow mienral deposits. The instrument being used (the SuperSting) was developed for environmental applications such as groundwater surveys, and has not been previously used for mineral exploration.

Results of the study will be summarized in a report that describes the survey specs, inversion software, and data interpretation, and will be intended as a guide for modeling shallow deposits in regions with poor outcrop exposure.

Aggregate assessment in the Whitehorse area
Kryotek Arctic Innovation is collaborating with Sarah Laxton to assess aggregate resources in three currently active and one planned gravel pit in the Whitehorse area. The project combines electrical resistivity tomography, ground penetrating radar, sonic borehole drilling and test pitting/sampling to upgrade current estimates of the quantity and quality of aggregate resources.

A report summarizing the results of the study will be released by spring, 2014.