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Kluane Ranges

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The Kluane Ranges Bedrock Mapping project began in 2004 and is currently in the write-up stage. The main goals of the project are to gain a better understanding of the structure and stratigraphy within Wrangellia in southwest Yukon. Mapping took place over six consecutive summers at 1:50 000 scale and covered the area between the Yukon-Alaska border near Beaver Creek to the Yukon-B.C. border south of Dalton Post. This area has significant mineral potential, including Mississippian-Pennsylvanian VMS, Triassic magmatic Ni-Cu, Cretaceous Au-Cu skarn, and Oligocene Au-Cu porphyry mineralization.

Available publications  [ 91 KB] include several maps and YEG articles with a YGS Bulletin coming soon.

For more information: Steve Israel