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Central Foreland NATMAP

View looking east of Pool Creek draining south into Beaver River (NTS 95C/5). White carbonates of Dunedin Formation are overlain by black shales of Besa River Formation. Photo by Tammy Allen, Yukon Geological Survey (2000).







This was a collaborative project between Yukon Geological Survey, British Columbia, Northwest Territories and Geological Survey of Canada. The Yukon Geological Survey joined the project in 2000 and field work was completed in 2002.

There are several YGS and GSC publications are available as a result of the project however the 1:250 000 bedrock geology map for LaBiche River (NTS 95C) is still pending.

External publications related to the NATMAP project include:

  • CSPG Bulletin, volume 52, Issue 4 (December 2004)
  • CSPG Bulletin, volume 53, Issue 1 (March 2005)