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Central Foreland NATMAP

View looking east of Pool Creek draining south into Beaver River (NTS 95C/5). White carbonates of Dunedin Formation are overlain by black shales of Besa River Formation. Photo by Tammy Allen, Yukon Geological Survey (2000).







The 1998-2003 Central Foreland NATMAP project occurred in northeastern British Columbia, southern Yukon and the Northwest Territories with the primary purpose to map bedrock and surficial geology at 1:50 000 and 1:250 000 scales. This was a collaborative project between Yukon Geological Survey, British Columbia, Northwest Territories and Geological Survey of Canada.

There are several YGS and GSC publications are available as a result of the project, including the bedrock geology of NTS 95/C, LaBiche River:

- Fallas, K.M., Lane, L.S., and Pigage, L.C., 2014. Geology, La Biche River, Yukon–Northwest Territories; Geological Survey of Canada, Canadian Geoscience Map 144, scale 1:250 000.

External publications related to the NATMAP project include:

- Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology, volume 52, Issue 4 (December 2004).
- Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology, volume 53, Issue 1 (March 2005).