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Rackla Belt

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Project Leaders: David Moynihan (2013-); Maurice Colpron (2011-2012)

The E-W-trending Rackla belt of east-central Yukon is currently the focus of intensive exploration following the recent discovery of Carlin-style gold mineralization in the area. This area includes the eastern part of the Dawson thrust, a major, multiply-reactivated structure that marks the northern boundary of Selwyn basin.
In 2012, YGS completed mapping of five contiguous 1:50,000 sheets along the belt, including the area that hosts the Osiris, Conrad, Anubis and Pharaoh gold occurrences (ATAC resources Ltd.). In 2013, the mapped area was extended eastward to include the eastern end of the Dawson thrust (NTS 106B/04). Fieldwork for the project was completed during the summer of 2014 and updates will be presented in a new compilation map of the eastern Rackla belt in early 2015.

In addition to bedrock mapping, YGS is undertaking analytical studies to further constrain the stratigraphy and mineralization potential of the belt.
• Provenance analysis (using detrital zircon; with Jim Crowley, Boise State University)
• Litho- and chemo-stratigraphy of Neoproterozoic rocks (using C-isotopes and measured sections; with Justin Strauss, Harvard University)


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