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Recent Publications

Annual reports

Yukon Placer Mining Industry 2015-2017

Bond, J.D. and van Loon, S., 2018. Yukon Placer Mining Industry 2015 to 2017. Yukon Geological Survey, 284 p.

Yukon exploration and geology (YEG) 2017

Yukon Exploration and Geology Overview 2017by K.E. MacFarlane (ed.), Yukon Geological Survey, 106 pages

Summary of Yukon Geological Survey 2017-18 Activities by C. Relf

Yukon Placer Mining 2017 Development Overview by J. Bond and S. van Loon

Yukon Mineral Exploration Program 2017 update by D. Torgerson

Yukon Hard Rock Mining, Development and Exploration Overview 2017 by L. Lewis and S. Casselman

Osiris cluster Carlin-type gold, east-central Yukon by A.B. Coulter, J. Lane and A. Steiner

Gold occurrences on the Plateau South property (Yukon MINFILE 105N 034, 035, 036), central Yukon by P.J. Sack, S. Kruse and D. Ferraro

YEG 2017 papers

Bedrock geology of the Teslin Mountain and east Lake Laberge areas, south-central Yukon by E. Bordet

Clast fabric analysis of glacial diamict at the Allan Creek section and its implication for paleo-ice flow of Liard Lowland, southeastern Yukon by S.H. Ellis, N.J. Roberts, K.E. Kennedy, A.V. Reyes and B.J.L. Jensen

An overview of shale studies in Yukon during the 2017 field season by T.A. Fraser, I. Crawford, M.G. Gadd, K. Henderson, D. Layton-Matthews, M. Melchin, J.M. Peter, P.J. Sack, E. Sperling and J. Strauss

New contributions to the bedrock geology of the Mount Freegold district, Dawson Range, Yukon (NTS 115I/2, 6 and 7) by M.A. Friend, M.M. Allan and C.J.R. Hart

An appraisal of Devonian-Mississippian shale strata in Yukon’s Liard basin by M.P. Hutchison

Evidence for limited glaciation in northern Kluane Range, southwestern Yukon, with implications for surficial geochemical exploration by K.E. Kennedy

Mod Property, VMS Mineralization in the Western Part of the Yukon-Tanana terrane? (Yukon MINFILE 105B 028, 029, 031) by T. Liverton and S. Casselman

Re-evaluating the chronostratigraphic framework for felsic volcanic and intrusive rocks of the Finlayson Lake region, Yukon-Tanana terrane, Yukon by M.J. Manor and S.J. Piercey

Stratigraphic affinity of late Neoproterozoic limestone in the vicinity of Tillei and McPherson lakes, 105H/13,14, southeastern Yukon by D. Moynihan

The structural framework for Carlin-type gold mineralization in the Nadaleen trend, Yukon by A. Steiner, K. Hickey and A.B. Coulter

New investigations of basal Laberge Group stratigraphy, Whitehorse trough, central Yukon by L.H. van Drecht and L.P. Beranek

Yukon Mining and Exploration map 2017

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      Other publications

      Casselman, S. (comp.), 2018. Yukon Mineral Deposits Summary 2018. Yukon Geological Survey, 30 p.

      Geology Matters pamphlet

      Geothermal Energy Yukon brochure

      Compiling historic YCGC data for lower Hunker Creek and reconstructing gold distribution by Sydney van Loon

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