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RGS Data upgrading
Upgrading of Yukon’s regional stream sediment geochemical data is ongoing by YGS with support from CanNor.  The work entails re-analyzing archived samples held by the Geological Survey of Canada using modern analytical techniques. Catchment areas for samples will be digitized to allow users to evaluate the impact of dilution, and weighted sums modeling of the data will be completed for a number of map sheets. The latter two activities will add value to the upgraded geochemical data.

New RGS sampling
In addition to the above, a test study is planned for spring 2015 to compare the analytical results from stream sediment samples collected by hand to samples collected remotely using a sampling bucket suspended from a helicopter. The study will be funded by CanNor. This project will not only provide a “proof of concept” test of the unit, but may offer a cost-effective means of carrying out in-fill sampling in the future, should YGS decide to increase the stream sediment sample density in parts of Yukon.

During the first two years of the current SINED-funded geoscience program, archived stream sediment samples from the Selwyn Basin were accessed in NRCan’s sample warehouse and re-analyzed. The resulting updated chemical data meet modern standards and allow data to be leveled across the region . As a follow-up and to add value to this work, data from two of the map sheets are being re-processed, plotting element ratios that are characteristic of different types of mineral deposits and delineating individual catchments. The deliverables, anticipated this winter, will comprising a series of maps and an accompanying report.

  • Regional Stream Sediment Geochemical Data, Stevenson Ridge Area, Southwestern Yukon (NTS 115J&K). Yukon Geological Survey Openfile 2011-28 [7.8 MB], 2011-29 [3.4 MB], 2011-30 [6.5 MB]


  • Regional Stream Sediment Geochemical Data, Dawson, Yukon (NTS 116B & C). Yukon Geological Survey Openfile 2012-6 [7.3 MB],  2012-7 [7.5 MB],  2012-8 [5.0 MB],  2012-9 [5.4 MB],  2012-10 [6.9 MB]