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Yukon Bedrock Geology Map

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The Yukon bedrock geology map builds upon the original digital compilation by Gordey and Makepeace (1999). It includes new, detailed bedrock geology maps and regional compilations published by the Yukon Geological Survey and the Geological Survey of Canada since 1999; as well as some recent thesis works. Beginning in 2016, the Yukon bedrock geology GIS dataset is subject to periodic updates, as new geological maps are integrated in the geodatabase. The user is invited to visit this page periodically to ensure they have the latest update of the geodatabase. The Yukon Geological Survey welcomes any revisions or additional geological information known to the user.

Contact: Maurice Colpron


Yukon Geological Survey, [year]. Yukon Digital Bedrock Geology., accessed: [date of accession]

Download the Bedrock Geology Dataset - May 2018