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Well Sample Permitting

Yukon oil and gas well sampling requests

Core and other well materials from Yukon wells are stored in the Geological Core and Sample Repository at the Geological Survey of Canada-Calgary office. The well materials are stored and managed to ensure long-term preservation of the materials.

Well materials from non-confidential wells may be examined by the public. Please contact the Head of the Geological Core and Sample Repository, Geological Survey of Canada-Calgary office concerning requests to examine such material. The facility is located at 3303-33rd St. N.W., Calgary, Alberta. The current repository superintendent is Richard Fontaine (tel: 403-292-7067; email: Richard.Fontaine@NRCan-RNCan-gc-ca).

Well materials from non-confidential wells may be sampled for research purposes with requests addressed to:

Tiffani Fraser
Petroleum Assessment Geologist
Yukon Geological Survey


Tel: 867-667-3228

Well materials from confidential wells may be sampled for research purposes as long as the applicant includes written permission from the well operator as part of the sampling application. Any data or analysis obtained from the study will not be disclosed during the confidentiality period for the well except with the permission of the well operator.

To obtain authorization to sample well materials, a written application must be made to the Yukon Geological Survey, with a copy to the Repository Superintendent, Richard Fontaine, at the GSC-Calgary Office (addresses provided above). The application should include a detailed description of the research proposal with:

1) expected commencement and completion dates,
2) well names and unique well identifiers,
3) proposed intervals and sample volumes,
4) a description of the purpose of the proposed research and analytical procedures,
5) a list of persons and contractors, with their locations, proposed to undertake the research,
6) a responsible contact name, address, telephone number, and email address for the research proposal and sampling request.

All requests must include a completed Excel spreadsheet template containing the above information: Sampling Spreadsheet Template [0.3 MB ]


The request will be considered following the guidelines outlined by the Core and Sample Repository, GSC-Calgary and the National Energy Board. Authorization will be issued in writing by the Yukon Geological Survey and returned to the applicant.

Two paper copies and one pdf electronic copy of a report detailing the results of the sampling study are required within six months of completion of the study. One paper copy will be stored at the Core and Sample Repository, GSC-Calgary, and the other at Oil and Gas Resources, Yukon Government in Whitehorse, Y.T. Reports must include tabulated analytical results and completion of the Excel spreadsheet template submitted with the sampling request. Reports from studies on non-confidential wells will remain confidential for two years from the date of completion of the study. Reports from studies on confidential wells will remain confidential until the confidential period for the well has expired, or for two years from the date of completion of the study, whichever is longer. These reports will be made available to the public upon expiry of the confidentiality period.