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Whitehorse Trough Field Studies

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Whitehorse trough has been ranked as one of three priority basins in Yukon within which YGS should concentrate their geological studies with respect to determining oil & gas potential for future exploration (see basin & petroleum geology page). YGS is therefore currently collating all data collected from the basin within the last 15 years, with the aim of producing an up-to-date, geo-referenced database. This database will then be used to facilitate a gap-analysis with respect to directing future conventional source rock/unconventional reservoir sampling and analytical activities in previously sparsely covered areas.

In addition to these activities, YGS is developing the following projects as a response to the current limited state of detailed sedimentological and stratigraphic knowledge of the Lewes River and Laberge groups (see more detailed project descriptions ). In addition to traditional measured-section fieldwork and sampling for reservoir characterisation studies, YGS aims to record the rock’s natural radioactivity response with its hand-held spectral gamma meter. This additional information will enable each formation’s signature to be correlated into and identified in subsurface well wireline logs during future exploration activities.
• Understanding the stratigraphic relationship between the upper Lewes River Group and the basal Laberge Group,
• Understanding the detailed sedimentology of the Tanglefoot formation,
• Understanding the lateral transition from Tanglefoot to Richthofen formations,
• Formalizing & revising the lithostratigraphy of the Lewes River and Laberge groups.

There is also the potential to build on the exciting results from Mira Geoscience’s inversion survey, and extend the study towards the southern portion of the basin in Yukon. This will, however, require updated (higher-resolution) gravity and magnetic survey data to be acquired prior to further modelling. Finally, an MSc in exploration seismology, involving Simon Fraser University, the Geological Survey of Canada and YGS is planned to start in 2015. The project objective will be the discrimination of lithologies in Whitehorse Trough using seismic velocity models, with data derived from the 2004 survey conducted in the Carmacks area.

For more information: Tiffani Fraser