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Bedrock Mapping, Windy-McKinley and Neighboring Terranes

This project, started in 2006, is a multi-disciplinary and multi-agency survey of parts of Stevenson Ridge (NTS 115 J/K) and Kluane Lake (NTS 115 F/G) map areas in western Yukon, an area that is one of the least understood in terms of geology and potential to host mineral deposits. Although the focus of the project will be the little-understood Windy-McKinley terrane, the overall area to be investigated lies northeast of the Denali Fault between the Yukon-Alaska border and the eastern shore of Kluane Lake. The area is locally prospective for volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits as well as the full spectrum of structurally controlled, magmatic-hydrothermal and intrusion-related deposits from the porphyry to the epithermal realms. The Windy-McKinley project is a core part of the Geological Survey of Canada’s Geo-Mapping for Energy and Minerals (GEM) Edges Project and includes substantial new airborne geophysical survey coverage. New surficial geological coverage was also completed as part of this project (see Surficial Geology projects section). Fieldwork and most of the geophysical surveys are complete; the final maps and reports of this project are currently in progress. The final aeromagnetic survey in Kluane Lake map area will be available in July, 2011.

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