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Yukon Mineral Exploration Program

    Apply to the Yukon Mineral Exploration Program

    The Yukon Mineral Exploration Program promotes and enhances mineral prospecting and exploration activities in Yukon. It provides a portion of the risk capital required to locate, explore and develop mineral projects to an advanced exploration stage. Applicants are invited to submit prospecting and exploration proposals. We encourage you to consult with our mineral development geologist, Derek Torgerson.

    For the 2019-20 fiscal year, the funding level is $1,400,000.

    2019 successful candidates 17 KB

    Applications are accepted for both hard rock exploration projects (under one of three modules: Grassroots Prospecting, Focused Regional or Target Evaluation) and placer exploration projects (under new Placer Module).

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        Deadline for applications is March 31 annually

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